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NZBAir Premium 2.6.9 (4/9/11)

NZBAir Premium 2.6.9

Where do I start with this app? How about by saying its friggin’ awesome. It does what I need it to do so when I get home, all my media is ready and waiting.

    What it does

NZBAir can connect to your nzbmatrix, newzbin, NewzIndex, or your SabNZB to check out what new media is out and available to download, and allows you to push those downloads to your SabNZB remotely.

Note: accounts for nzbmatrix and newzbin are required as well as Usenet access. You will also need to download, install, and properly setup SabNZB on you MAC or PC.


So it starts off as a floating window, which is pretty cool, because you can still see some of the background behind the app, and since it keeps it simple, it’s snappy.

It starts off with a menu to connect you to the NZB source of your choice. Then you just click the categories and your shown a list that fills the screen of the latest available downloads. Long-press any title to automatically add to your SabNZB queue (assuming you set everything up right). Or, just press on any title in the Movies section, and you can continue to IMDB data if the up-loader has provided such info.

The SabNZB screen allows you to stop a download, and also view your download history. When in categories menu, you can long-press an category title to add it to your favorites, which will show up at the bottom of the first floating window when the app is launched.


OK, the setup is a bit complicated, but the author kindly created a OTS (one time setup) wizard that you need to setup on your PC first, then use the wizard in the app to get er done. If you are an advanced user like me, you will use the Advanced Setup, and you will most likely not run into any problems.

The app functions without a hitch, but there are a few cons that hopefully the developer will correct, such as:

When moving from one category to another, the second category will produce an error that can easily be resolved by just refreshing the list window.

Only 50 results per page per category and no way to load any more.


$4.90 in the Android Market


It was worth every penny, and before I purchased this app, I had purchased SabControl Plus just to manage my queue. This app not only allows you to manage your queue (SabControl Plus does have better controls tho, NZBAir just lets your stop a download, and view your history), but it also allows you to start new downloads so by the time you get home, all you have to do is sort a view (I sort all my files neatly using TheRenamer for Windows).

If your a heavy Usenet user like me, then this is the app for you. If your a torrent user (and do mind the risk of being discovered by your ISP), then its not for you. But this app is a MUST BUY for Usenet users.


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