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Amazon Appstore for Android (4/7/11)

Amazon Appstore for Android

Amazon has opened up their own appstore, and it’s friggin awsome! Why, because EVERYDAY, you get a free app! That’s right, since the day i started using it (its release day last week), i have gotten SoundHound (premium), PicSay Pro, Wolfram Alpha, Angry Birds/Rio/Seasons ad-free, and a few more FOR FREE. Who can beat that? But besides the perk of getting a free app a day, lets get into the nitty gritty:


While we’re all familiar with our built in Android Market app, the Amazon Appstore for Android has some similarities

  • Title at the top
    A search bar
    A featured app
    and a list of popular apps
  • Right off the bat you will notice that the search bar is open for you to just click and start typing, unlike the Android Market app where you have to click the search icon to bring up the search. Also, you’ll notice that in the featured app portion under the search bar, it displays only one app, whereas the Android Market app displays several, scrollable apps. Right under that is the a scrollable categories bar that contain the usual. And last but not least, under that, you get two rows of apps featured by popularity labeled Top Paid, and Top Free.

    Click on any app and you will be brought to an app info page with an app icon at the top left, star ratings, and a button to Get, Buy, or Open. Under that, is a screenshot gallery that you can swipe thru, and a Save for Later and Share buttons under the gallery. A brief product description that is click-able to read more on a separate page, customer reviews, similar app section, company info, and finally some legal jargon.


    It should be noted that there are some requirements to this app, for instance: you have to allow unknown sources in your applications menu to install apps on your android device, as well as have an 1-Click enabled on your Amazon account. As a matter of fact, to install the Amazon Appstore for Android app itself, you have to request the link from Amazon. Once the link is requested, you will get a popup on your browser with a short video tutorial on how to go about to get this app up and running. Have no fear, even the technologically inclined can follow without much fuss.

    Another thing to note is that apps downloaded from the Amazon Appstore are stored in your Amazon account, and as soon as your purchase or download any app, you will get a receipt via email instantly. The app is downloaded to your device, but will not show up in your built in Android Market app installed app list. You cannot update these apps via Android Market, but only via the Amazon Appstore app.

    Once your purchase or download is complete, you will be prompted to install the app, and once that is done, you can just launch and enjoy.


    Amazon Appstore for Android is free, and requires 1-Click to be setup on your current Amazon account. Since I already had an Amazon account, I am unsure if they provided an option to create one within the app itself. Apps in the appstore vary in price, from $.99 to $4.99 as far as I have seen. A valid credit card is needed to setup 1-Click, and you wont be charged if the app is free, or even when you add the card to your account.


    You will love this app! I check it every morning before i leave for work to see whats free today, and I am always satisfied. I do however take the extra minute or two to check the same app on the Android Market to see if there is a major price difference, but regardless, free is always better than any penny dropped. Angry Birds Rio was an Amazon Appstore exclusive for a few days before it came to the Android Market, and it’s ad-free, unlike the the one in the Android Market, so it’s a win win for me. Get it now, you won’t regret it.


    Amazon Appstore for Android

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