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Akinator (4/8/11)


So I don’t know much about the history of the Akinator toy, because I’m not THAT old, but I do know is that it tries to guess what your thinking. It does what it supposed to, but its so bleh that I’m glad I didn’t pay for it since it was the free app of the day on the Amazon Appstore.


It’s not to colorful and not too bland but the interface is just a graphic background with text to serve as options while the Akinator guesses your person. It looks like a Windows 95 Aladdin game, but this one has no sound (or at least I didn’t hear anything).
You are asked a series of questions about the person you are thinking about to better help the Akinator figure out the answer. It’s just a thought bubble with a question and you choose the answers below by tapping the text that corresponds with your answer. Only til the end do you see a pic of the person your thinking about. Akinator guessed Michael Cera when I was thinking about Charlie Sheen.


This is just an app to have if your feeling nostalgic about it, or just to breeze through a few spare minutes. It provides a way to share your result with social networks, and allows you to save the pic of the guessed person to your SD card.


$2.15 in the Android Market

$1.99 in the Amazon Appstore


I’d pass unless your older and lose this kind of stuff. If you love free apps, get this one today regardless; otherwise pass on it.


Android Market

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    App Screenshots





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